About Nickolass Jensen (in english)

Welcome! This is an old text written a long time ago, going backwards in time as much as I am comfortable with.

My name is Nickolass Jensen, I am dane, I am born in 1973, and I live in Jevnaker, Oppland, Norway. I have lived here with my wife and my two boys, since 2013. Before that we spent 10 years in Ørsta, Norway.

We moved from Denmark to Norway in 2003.

Nickolass Jensen, Nettpilot og SEO rådgiver
Nickolass Jensen, Nettpilot

I am an educated New Media Manager since 2001 at Copenhagen Technical Academy.

New Media Manager is my professional title, but I still consider myself to be a forever student of New Media. I am also a trainer and manager og a small Athletics club and still aim for PRs in certain diciplines.

My first company was founded in 2005, but I have also been working for some large digital media agencies an enterprises for a few years, before going back to running my own consulting business. That’s the short story.

Today I work with digital marketing, E-commerce, SEO, Google Ads management, UX, WordPress plugins and project management.


In Norway I’ve worked as secretary and coordinator of the students council at Volda University College, as a teacher in Media & Communikations at Volda College and I’ve even had the chance of working as a marketingcoordinator for the local shoppingcenter.

When I came to Norway i worked closely with Ørsta(oersta) turist council in the making of The Naturefestival.

Rewind to Denmark

After finishing studies in 2001 I worked for PROSA – Association of Computer Professionals in Denmark so I am familiar with wide parts of the danish IT-industry.

In Danmark I’ve been active as culture developer, coordinator and communicator in many layers of organisations – since 1996.

It all started with a band called Karousell featuring these guys (follow the links and you see what they do today), Martin Ganderup, Konrad Jahn, Thomas Burø ( Jacob & Jesper has no webspace) we made an album called Original Soundtrap.

I was an integrated part the projectcommunity Idé&Co in the years of 1997-1998 wich in this period has fostered more than one mediavisionary.

This network of people still amazes me.

I worked closely with Thorbjørn Hansen, Photograher and Rasmus Skjoldan, Art Director in project called Wide Beetween Walls – where the aim was to match music-makers and -likers. We spread out to different projects in 1998.

I then joined Carnival of Copenhagen as conferencier, coordinator and much more, for four years, and I ended up with a year in the board.

Since 1999 I’ve hitchhiked 25.000 km across the Scandinavian countries Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.