Definitions of the word «attraction»

OK – let’s clear out the definitions first:
How do we define attraction?
According to the english wikipedia Physical attractiveness is the perception of an individual as physically beautiful by other people. Some aspects of how a person is judged beautiful are universal to all cultures, whereas others are restricted to particular cultures or time periods.

According to Princeton university wordnet we have the following definitions:
# the force by which one object attracts another
# an entertainment that is offered to the public
# the quality of arousing interest; being attractive or something that attracts; «her personality held a strange attraction for him»
# a characteristic that provides pleasure and attracts; «flowers are an attractor for bees»
# drawing card: an entertainer who attracts large audiences; «he was the biggest drawing card they had»

The California Travel Industry Association (CalTIA)
Defines the term as:
A natural or cultural object that encourages travelers to visit.
And the wikibooks tourism glossary says:
A place, event, building or area which tourists want to visit

In the old circus an attraction initially named a circus act having striking effect on the audience thanks to mechanisms. (For example, cyclist running over high walls of a large «basket» without a bottom; a great number of automotive shows, etc) Nowadays this is a long separate act, which can consist of minor acts of various genres with the same theme and principal performer; they are often a whole part of the programme (usually the second one). So says

To sum it up:
When working with online marketing and building websites, our aim is to create great attractions and smart infrastructure.

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