Brighton SEO 22. april 2016 (Noter fra Marcus Tober, Search Metrics)

#1 Marcus Tober, Search Metrics Links topic Why do traditional ideas fail? Following a stupid checklist, no longer! Folk søker i kjeder. Derfor legg til rette for serielle spørringer og igjen…user intent. Ved søk etter «costume ideas» er intensjon = inspirasjon. Ved søk etter oppskrifter trengs structured content – holistic approach Bank rate (innhold på side)
  • Calulator
  • Mortgage comparison
  • relevant informasjon
#2Tom Bennings : Sitespeed for content marketers
  • every second means 2% more conversions / 14% for Firefox
  • integral part of the proces
  • av pages size 2,3 mb
  • Live demo
    • Boostrap
    • Initializer
    • Jquery
  • Tool: GT metrics – Bilde – font – minifiing scripts – Unnecessary scripts (share functions)
  • Mini
  • note: Jqery 2. som er raskere men ikke støttes i gamle IE nettlesere.
  • Minify as part of process
  • Caching
  • Placement, critical rendering path
  • Gzip – see links in footer.
  • – cutting down process, 90 %
#3 Waitrose
  1. Understand the audience
  2. Have planned content calender & objectives
  3. Maximise exposure
  4. ShowCase you social team
  5. Join them if you can’t beat them.
#4 LInkdetox Helping identify problematic outbound links Pagerank data today are fake or from 2013. 14.30 session

Jon Earnshaw

CTO and Co-Founder of Pi Datametrics, Pi Datametrics
As CTO of Pi Datametrics, Jon is passionate about the future of search technology and in particular, personalisation and semantic search, which is changing both the way we search, the way we interact with search engines, and the subsequent outcome of a search. | | Jon is an accomplished speaker and well known within the digital marketing industry. When not speaking he has helped major FTSE100 companies augment their digital strategies and…
Worst and common problems
Search flux
Glass ceiling
Book case: Introducing the canonical book
Problem: The search cannot be differentiated only because og search phrase as its intend is not obvious
January period a sudden drop: Exploring the Serps up next!
Who has moved into the position?
Replacing positions, publisher taking place of bookshops (watersone)
originally co-existing was possible
Content with click to expand menus might be discounted i the serps.
Useful usefull responsivity. Monito resellers and affiliates.
D0 this:
Find the flux
Find the others with the same data
Nail the core business terms

James Finlayson

Head of Search, Verve Search
As Head of Search, James takes a strategic lead on the development of creative campaigns at Verve Search, as well as constantly monitoring results in his restless pursuit to deliver perfection. He loves sharing new ideas and collaborating with the team to come up with ‘so-crazy-it-just-might-work’ creative ideas for clients; including household names in travel, finance and fashion.
How to connect emotionally.
We are geeks who see data and get exited
Lots of starwars references
Lisa Myers: Slaget om Narvik. The Battles of Narvik.
Links from nrk, hæren, de kongelige.
100 peole theory
Lava: The emotional search engine
More than local SEO two kinds of SEO
  • Traditional – on + off site
  • Local SEO
Explanation: Thanks to «rankbrain»?
Read your content out loud! (avoid keywords stuffing).
Make the blog a local destination, «not by my shit»
put local tracking in place
Topp 10 makers:
Consistency of structyre citations
domain, citation
proper GMB category associations
Adresse fysisk
Google reviews Quality of links to GMB page CTR from search results PPC works as it is the ONLY thing above the fold. Mobile only has Ads in screen.
Email, make it responsive
use videos in emails – opening rates are higher have a thumnnail with link to autostart video (35% økt clickrate)
Do not use youtube
Use Wistia to host videos, use preview roll on competitors YT videos, optimize to follow up on competitors video views.
Individual viewer heatmaps with email and users attached. Popups embedded in the videos.
Facebook ads for demografic level targeting.
Custom audiences and look a like audiences.
Loca awareness ads on facebook.
Drop the pin on competitors areas.
Sports events, conferences. 400 USD for 30.000 views
Beacons tied to apps/networks. Setting up in the us. Beacons tied to locations.
Location aware apps.
Run retargeting on people who where at the location.
Session 4 studio theater
#1 Answering direct answers
#2 Why did Google create Hummingbird
HUmminbird is the algorithm.
Swim* =
Seaching for the right babysitter with the right attributes.
RDF based quering languages
Snippet length, better with longer than none.
Do I have milk in the fridge?
Using php to recalim your organic search results data.
(Not provided= 2011)
Get a list of urls
Hammer tge GSC API
Hammer the google analytics API
Give me the keywords data for this URL for any url
download conversion goals and cros referance with data
Download the code

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