Norway Fjords Region tops the National Geographic destination ranking list 2009.

Geirangerfjord: The seven sisters waterfall seen from the daycruiser from Hellesylt

This is where I live;-)

Not much of a blog-post, but…here’s a little snapshot of one of my boys looking at the Waterfall «The Seven Sisters» through the window on the small ferry that is cruising Geiranger Fjord from Hellesylt.

Geiranger is small village located in Norway with world’s most beautiful fjords all around and is toprated from both Unesco and National Geographic with top scores as one of the world most beautiful places. Going to Geiranger on a cruise from Hellesylt and back is a nice daytrip from Ørsta, where I live.

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Try it out. Go to Geiranger. When the sun shines;-)

And oh, by the way: It has also been rated as the world’s best place to meditate.

My son looking out at the waterfall the seven sisters

Quotes from the National Geographic jury:

«Environmental quality is at the highest level. Landscape is amazing and aesthetically one of the most beautiful. The icons of Norway are so unique that it is difficult to imagine anything else. The local culture can be seen on the shores and mountains. It gives an ideal overview of well-preserved Norwegian rural life.»

Geiranger fjord cruise
Be sure to get out of the Geirangerfjord and Storfjord before the sun sets behind the mountains (Sunnmørsalpane).

In the late spring at early autumn It is wise to catch the returning boatride before 3 o’clock in the afternoon.
Geiranger fjord view

The list with the 133 Places rated by score is here

 Get in touch if you are planning to go here.

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