How do I upgrade my WooCommerce plugins and WordPress?


 Important when upgrading any WooCommerce Plugin and plugins from Nettpilot:

  • Please make sure to make a backup of your webshop installation before upgrading even the most trivial element.
  • Always be ready to enter the root folder via ftp, online cpanel og fileadmin when handling upgrades. And have contact details for the webhost support ready. If they have a live support chat, then make sure to do your upgrades when you have webserver support available within a very short notice.
  • Install, activate and test the upgrade and latest version in a test environment or on a stagingserver before putting it out live.
  • Do test all processes and touch points for both customers end, and webshop owners end, before going live.
  • Make sure you have at least one extra license activation key if the plugin update deactivates the old key. If you need an extra, please contact us..
  • DO NOT SET you WordPress installation to auto upgrade as this can trigger an API error message and deactivate your plugins and as a result break your entire website. Especially if the plugins you have installed, has not been tested with the newest WP version.
  • ALLWAYS check in on your WP installation and plugins when you receive a message from your webhost that has a subject like this: «Important: WordPress websites were upgraded to latest versions».
  • Not all servers act the same: The API Manager we use has issues with some server settings and may display an API software error message also when upgrading og re-installing it. We know that it might happen sometimes, so please contact us and tell us what you experience – as this is no crisis – but please provide us with a wp admin log in.
  • Allways make upgrades to your checkout plugins when you expect to have the lowest possible number of customers online. Even for only for 5 minutes, then set the webshop to maintenance mode after warning them and sharing it on other channels. If you have a great Facebook page with lots of fans and friends, please see to that they know your are upgrading in order to get a better and more secure website. Have a customer service available on Facebook, when your site is down. Allways. You will have far more work to do and mess to clean up if you Do NOT upgrade on a Black Friday!
  • Regarding WooCommerce Netaxept Payment plugin:
    • Make sure to note down your Merchant ID and Netaxept Payment Token before updating in order to recover quickly.
    • Ask Netaxept Support for a test token if you need a testing sandbox.
    • Check whether you have auto capture or direct capture via WC admin set.
    • Check all the data i Netaxept admin as well
    • Check whethere you have Easy Payment activated in both ends, or not
    • Check whether you have Vipps, Mobilepay or other thirdparties agreements in place
    • If you have Klarna Checkout, then you will probably face issues that we cannot support you with without charging extra
    • Please make sure your theme is updated and compatible with the latest WooCommerce version that you have installed
  • Regarding WooCommerce Bring Shipping API plugin:
    • Make sure your API data is right, both Mybring API key and Google maps API key.
    • Make sure no other plugins are interferring with the order process.
    • Make sure weight and dimensions are set on all levels of the products also on variable products variables.
    • Make sure you have SKU attached to your products.
    • Make sure you have choosen the right Bring products
    • If using WPML and multicurrencies, please get in touch if you have issues.
    • If using Klarna, please get in touch if you have issues.
    • Check if the shipping calculator is activated and if shipping zones settings are overruling Bring Shipping Method.
  • If you are stuck and need help fast, please enable the log tracker and make a transaction process, and share screendumps of all errors you encounter. Do inform about order ID, user ID, Product IDs in the transaction that fails and send us a copy of the WC systemsstatus with the latest logfile data. Then you can provide us with a WP admin user so we can dig into it. Sometimes we even need FTP access.
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