Your plugin doesn’t work properly on my website, can I get a refund?

Hello there

The plugin usually works as described in our product description if you are following WordPress and WooCommerce standards, and the instructions we have provided in our documentation, however, small bugs or thir party conflicts will sometimes appear, depending on how you use it.

It is a digital product and therefore we do not give any refunds.

We allways fix bugs if they appear, and we fix issues when we get the access we need in order to do so. None of our plugins are broken, and they can be used with the proper settings, in the proper environment. This is true for more than 500 clients.

What you have to know is, that our plugin cannot cook coffee or make your dinner, if that is your definition of working properly.

If you compare it to other free WooCommerce plugins, then the Nettpilot plugins really works properly compared to them, and we can offer you technical support on the spot, but this not allways free. The plugins and our work will save you hours of programming, time and costs, therefore we are charging money for it.

If you have bought the plugin as is and did not order help and onboarding support to get started, then 24/7 support is not included as a premium service.

So if you need our help, we can provide that. Please share your website access details via the Nettpilot Support page in order for us to help you.
We can help you fix your issues, and we do not provide refunds.