Web 2.0 – a waste of time?

I simply had to put this question after reading a blog-line at Lincoln Adams I quote:

Got photos you want to show the world? Upload them to Flickr. For videos, there’s YouTube. For music, there’s Last.FM, iLike, Garageband and so on. For those who like to write, network or blog, we have MySpace, LiveJournal, Xanga, Vox and blah blah blah, ad infinitum. And then of course we have the specialty sites like Twitter and Tumblr and blah blah blah ad infinitum. Good grief. While I admit that all these sites have their uses respectively, it also means you’re investing a whole lotta time and resources on just about everything except your own blog. People may not even come to your site anymore because your content is now available elsewhere, whether on a MySpace server or a YouTube channel or God only knows where else you’ve been going. Web 2.0 then has not only stolen your time and content, it’s taken your traffic too, and with it a chance for monetization.

After reading his post I simply had to respond with the result that I have now spent almost an hour of my precious time down the web2.0 slide – And I haven’t even begun my actual research on the subject wich was my intension for the night. And the subject was Facebook.

Let me share my secret: I do not have a profile on Facebook – wich means that I can’t see what’s going on in there – I can only read about it in other media. Now, dear reader: Read the brilliant and entertaining post in Katies blog at getfreshminds.com before doing anything else.
– and then return to me if you’d like to help us out here.

Please help me to regain lost time:

  • 1) Should I, as a professional webconsultant «join the club» at Facebook, to see and learn, do some field obervation and get my hands dirty, or should I keep the H…out of there, and keep falling down the the big footprints of the web2.0 track, only doing what used to be called desktop-research ( isn’t this ironic?) on the topic – And so you know: I already join the Linkedin party.
  • and

    2) Is Web 2.0 (or Web2.0: Is this also a discussion?) a WASTE OF TIME???

    Please give me som pros and cons.

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    1. mediakoordinator sier:

      «»Web 2.0 is about service providers exposing their business services on the Web — bringing them together in a common view for the employee and under a common management umbrella for the corporation,»

      «It’s a ‘best of both worlds’ scenario, where employees or customers have all the useful features in one place that they need to do their jobs more effectively and make smart choices,» he remarked, «but where the corporation still has the ability to control and manage what’s being offered.»

      «Gone are the days when you had to wait weeks or months for new features to be added into an application»

      Rearden Commerce CEO Patrick Grady at technewsworld.com

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