=== WooCommerce Bring Shipping for WooCommerce ===

Automatically calculates rates from Nordic shipping provider <a href=»http://www.bring.com»>Bring</a> in WC Frontend and
Connects with your MyBring account to get EDI, automattic invoicing, tracking and shipping labels for Print.

=== Description ===

Automatically calculate shipment prices of products in your customer’s cart using the services of Bring and connecting these with the Bring Booking and tracking API.
Bring is a Nordic challenger in the mail and logistics industry. Bring consists of nine specialist areas: Cargo, Citymail, Dialog, Express, Frigo, Mail, Parcels, Supply Services and Warehousing, each of which are leading players within their areas. Together, they give Bring a broad range of products and services and increase the Group’s competitiveness. Work with Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland as Base countries.

In order to calculate volume, your products must have:
* Weight
* Length
* Height
* Width

There will be no rates calculated if a product doesn’t have the above requirements.

This plugin extends WooCommerce with Bring Shipping functionality. The plugin will only work if WooCommerce is installed and activated.

=== Installation ===

With Shipping Calculations, EDI, Tracking, Shipping labels for Print. How to set it up:

1. Log in and sign up for a free Mybring Account at https://www.mybring.com/
2. Get your API key (Min Profil/Min API-nøkkel)
3. Order and download Bring API for WooCommerce plugin from Nettpilot: https://nettpilot.no/produkt/bring-fraktguiden-api-til-woocommerce/
4. Install plugin and activate it with your license activation key
5. Go til WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping. Make sure there is a green note saying: “Bring API connection Built Successfully”. If not, please check your WoCommerce systemstatus, and fix the notes in red letters.
6. Then choose which Bring Products you would like your customers to choose from
7. Remember to set the VAT calculation correct

Important: In order for the shipping calculation to work then the WooCommerce tax settings must be based on customer shipping address, only. IF you get an error 528, then please check this setting or contact support@nettpilot.no

Download detailed Bring API WooCommerce How to PDF